Feeling Pretty: Breast Prosthesis Options


Having your silhouette surgically altered in order to potentially save your life is an overwhelming undertaking. And while it is a good thing to kick cancer to the curb, what you’re left with may feel unfamiliar – even alien – and be difficult to adjust to. If you have undergone a lumpectomy or mastectomy, there are numerous options to help you through not only the physical recovery, but the psychological and emotional recovery as well.

Why Get Breast Prostheses

Aside from the obvious and aforementioned reasons for pursuing breast prostheses after the removal of some or all of your breast tissue, there are some lesser-known benefits. A quality breast prosthesis can

  • Protect your surgical scar. The soft cushion and padding of some prostheses can provide protection and pain relief as your surgical incision heals.
  • Keep your bra in place. You need a bra to keep your breasts in place. But you also need balance in the breasts to keep your bra in place. Having a prosthesis to replace removed tissue from one side keeps the bra secure and the other breast snug in the bra.
  • Maintain balance. Women are often surprised just how much their center of gravity changes or shifts after a mastectomy or lumpectomy. A prosthesis can help restore that center of balance.

Lumpectomy Shapers

Option 1 is for those who have had a lumpectomy or segmental mastectomy (where only a portion of one breast is removed). You are left with some remaining breast tissue. But it does not look as it once did, and it doesn’t remotely match your other breast.

In order to rebuild or maintain your confidence as well as the post-surgical comfort, you may choose to have your physician prescribe you a partial breast prosthesis. This is a custom shaped form that helps fill in the breast space that has been removed to give you a more equal or balanced shape. It will be made of foam rubber, silicone or fiberfill.

Breast Prostheses

Breast forms or prostheses are used when one or both breasts have been surgically removed. There are a couple of different options, silicone or non-silicone; there’s no right or wrong choice. The material is simply based on your needs, desires and activity levels.

Silicone prostheses have a more natural appearance, offering weight and drape as well as some movement, much like your real breast. They are custom made to ensure correct shape and size for your frame and in relation to your remaining breast. But they can be hot or uncomfortable, especially during exercise.

Non-silicone forms are much softer and can be worn as soon as you’d like after your surgery. They’re also lighter in weight and cooler. But they don’t have the same drape and weight as a natural breast, nor are they customized to match. They’re also less expensive than a silicone breast prosthesis.

In addition to these two primary forms, there are prostheses that can be made specifically for activities, including exercise and swimming.

Accessories and Clothing

It’s important to make sure you purchase mastectomy clothes to accommodate the prosthesis. Finding beautiful and feminine pocketed bras and other items, including camisoles and swimsuits, will leave you able to wear your shapers without the worry or concern of the shaper shifting as it could in a traditional bra. This also means those favorite pre-surgery tops and dresses make you feel as beautiful as ever! At Pretty in Pink Boutique, the caring staff is well-versed in helping you find mastectomy lingerie as well as getting you fitted for your breast prosthesis and helping work with your insurance company. Contact us at 615-777-7465 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your appointment.

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