Family Gives Update on Boy Swept Under Storm Drain: ‘We Don’t Expect Asher to Recover’


Rutherford County Schools Director Jimmy Sullivan posted an update on Asher’s current state on Friday.

After the after the severe storms on May 8, Sullivan’s 10-year-old son, Asher, got caught in the storm drain and was swept under the neighborhood streets as kids were playing while the neighbors helped clean up debris from the storm.

When Asher was rescued from the drainage ditch, CPR was administered for quite some time. His heart beat was reestablished but the damage is substantial, Sullivan said.

Asher is currently at Vanderbilt in critical condition.

Sullivan posted the following statement on Facebook on May 17:

“Asher has an anoxic brain injury (ABI) due to lack of oxygen to his brain. This type of injury is different from a traumatic brain injury (TBI). If he had a TBI, we would have other options. TBI involves damage to parts of the brain, ABI involves damage to all parts of the brain bc of lack of oxygen.

We started Asher on very small amount of nutrition through a feeding tube last night bc I know my buddy is hungry. We also did another MRI and I’ve asked for a detailed explanation of all parts of the brain that are injured.

Realistically, we don’t expect Asher to recover, but we are checking and rechecking all the boxes to ensure we’ve done all we can before making that decision. We love you Asher!”

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