Olivia Lane and Friends
The Listening Room Cafe
Tue, Oct 23 6:00 pm

For country music today, Olivia Lane is clearly the right girl at the right time. She’s strong, sexy, dynamic, smart and funny, whether on stage or in person. Much of her confidence is rooted in her upbringing in Texas. Her mother was a local Texas country singer who always made sure Olivia had access to any music that inspired her. She has always been close to her older sister but also challenged by the example she set. “I didn’t so much compare myself to her,” she clarifies. “But she was valedictorian, a soccer player and a book nerd. I was like, ‘I wish I could find something I could love as much as my sister loves soccer.’ So when my Mom put me in a theater group when I was in first grade, that became my outlet. I was bitten by the entertainer bug. When I got to do ‘Grease’ I wanted to know every part. I wanted to dive into the story. With my love for stories, it just made sense initially that I get into country music.” Olivia started writing songs at age 16. She got so serious about it that she managed to persuade her mother to move with her to Los Angeles, which at the time seemed to be the Emerald City where all dreams might be realized. She finished her last two years of high school in Los Angeles, where she studied voice, dance, acting and guitar. Then, during her sophomore year at the University of Southern California, she signed up for a songwriting class.
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