Kim Richey with Opener Mando Saenz presented by WMOT/Roots Radio
City Winery
Thu, Jun 20 8:00 pm

Kim Richey: Edgeland moves roots singer/subtle excavator of the human condition Kim Richey through the topography of the life lived by a woman committed to following her music. Flinching over hurting another, knowing the ways of the road, seeking higher ground and accepting the fact everyone’s truth isn’t a white picket fence, she continues defying labels as she defines the thinking person’s life. “Right now, my stuff is all in storage,” she says of her state of constant motion. “I’ve lived in a lot of different places – different countries even. It’s a little overwhelming, keeping track of stuff, but it’s been an amazing trip because music has taken me places I never dreamed. Mando Saenz: Hailing from Texas, Mando Saenz has become one of the most notable songwriters in country music and is establishing a sound uniquely his own. After getting a Master’s degree in Business in San Antonio, he moved to Houston and met his mentor John Egan, who convinced him to quit his long-time job at Whole Foods to solely focus on music. Encouraged by talented peers like Hayes Carll and John Evans, Saenz was discovered by award-winning producer Frank Liddell and became one of the founding artists of Liddell’s joint publishing company and record label, Carnival Music.  
Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum
Fri, Jul 19 2:00 pm
Grand Ole Opry House
Fri, Jul 19 7:00 pm
Bridgestone Arena
Fri, Jul 19 8:00 pm
Schermerhorn Symphony Center
Fri, Jul 19 8:00 pm
The Listening Room Cafe
Fri, Jul 19 8:30 pm
3rd and Lindsley
Fri, Jul 19 8:30 pm
Fri, Jul 19 9:00 pm
ALoft Nashville - West End
Sat, Jul 20 7:00 pm
Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC)
Sat, Jul 20 8:00 pm