Engineering Agreement to Improve HVAC System at Patterson Park Pool Approved


The Murfreesboro City Council voted Thursday (Sept. 27) to approve an engineering services agreement with Brentwood-based Enfinity Engineering, LLC for upgrades to the Natatorium HVAC system at Patterson Park Community Center.  Construction is expected to begin this fall on a re-engineered dehumidification unit and air distribution system with engineering services at a cost of $42,500.

Enfinity Engineering will provide all mechanical, plumbing, structural and electrical design work services for the project in accordance with City codes.

The HVAC system for the Patterson Community Center Natatorium has not been functioning properly and is causing on-going mildew, rust, and humidity issues.  The impact of the improperly working system results in extreme humidity and no air circulation.  In August 2017, extreme humidity caused a return air duct system to deteriorate and break, resulting in temporary closure of the pool.

Once reengineering work is completed, Patterson staff will be relieved of the ongoing cleaning of mildew in the pool area and pool locker rooms.  The new system will help create much-needed air circulation in the natatorium.

Enfinity Engineering, LLC plans to coordinate with a St. Louis-based aquatic pool consulting company, Counsilman-Hunsaker, for advice on integrating a new dehumidification unit and air distribution system into the pool at Patterson Park Community Center.  Counsilman-Hunsaker will be contracted separately.

The re-engineering upgrades to the HVAC system will be funded through the 2014 TML Bonds.