ELECTION 2016: La Vergne Alderman Vote Final


When the unofficial votes were counted, it came down to a difference of 78 votes between second and third place, but in the end, La Vergne residents chose to elect Jason Cole and Calvin Jones to serve as Aldermen.

cole-jonesCandidates Matt Church and Kathy Tyson each ran a competitive campaign, but La Vergne citizens decided to stick with Calvin Jones, who was appointed Alderman in 2014 to fill the vacant seat that the current Mayor held. Jason Cole led all candidates with 27% of the vote, and will be serving as Alderman for the first time. Cole has been a long-time community volunteer, and has served on the Parks and Recreation Advisory committee, as Vice-Chairman on the Beer Board, and on the Greenway Advisory Committee.

When asked about the results, current La Vergne Alderman Melisa Brown said, “The time has come to focus on the strengths within our great city, set aside any political differences, and build our community with dignity, grace, and harmony.” Swearing-in of the newly elected Aldermen will take place at 6:00 p.m. on December 6, 2016. A referendum to allow wine to be sold in grocery stores was also approved, with 82% of voters in favor of the referendum.

Rutherford County had a record number of voters who came out to the polls this election, and just over 10,000 voters participated here in La Vergne. Mayor Dennis Waldron says he is “eager to move past the election, and ready to start focusing on moving the city forward. It is time to put our political differences aside and work as a team for the citizens. I think Cole and Jones will do a great job representing La Vergne.”

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