Easy Easter Fixins


Hosting Easter lunch/supper this year or attending a family potluck?  Don’t get stressed about what to cook or take to your get together, because we’ve pulled together some of our favorite recipes. We’ve included some meat options, sides and, of course, desserts!

Happy cooking!

Fun Easter Food Fact

Many of us associate Easter with deviled eggs. Ever wonder why?

Eggs have been a symbol of rebirth since ancient times, but it was Mesopotamian Christians who first adopted them as an Easter food. They were also the first to dye eggs, turning them bright red to represent Christ’s blood. Eastern Europeans took egg decorating to an art form, creating delicate wax relief designs in the shells to give to friends and family members.In the United States and Britain, eggs are dyed and used for hunts and rolls. (America’s most famous egg roll, which takes place on the White House lawn, began in 1878 as a pet project of first lady Lucy Hayes.) As egg decorating grew more popular, dishes like deviled eggs and hardboiled eggs became associated with Easter as a way to avoid wasting valuable food (Source)