Dr. Ming Wang Answers Eclipse Safety Questions


Dr. Ming Wang, Harvard & MIT, (MD, magna cum laude), PhD (laser physics), of the renowned Wang Vision Institute in Nashville, answers some questions about how to view the Aug 21 solar eclipse safely.

He warns against, among other things, the following:

-viewing the eclipse through a cell phone

If looking at the sun of the eclipse before full totality, extreme eye damage can occur within seconds

– not using proper glasses

Only glasses marked ISO 12312-2 are safe to view the sun with, he says.

“Not using these can cause solar eye damage or a central blind spot,” Dr. Wang said.

-He said it is ok to view the eclipse but only after it is in totality

Some people have asked, he said, if they can remove their eclipse glasses once totality starts. He said that is okay, as long as the glasses are put back on before totality ends.

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