Dr. Kyle Nix Named Principal of Christiana Middle School


Rutherford County Schools

Regarded for her work ethic and relentless energy and ability to effectively communicate along with her experience at both middle and high school-level, Dr. Kyle Nix was named the new principal of Christiana Middle School.

Nix has served as an assistant principal at LaVergne High School for the past four years.

“At LaVergne, she spearheaded some of the highest growth scores in the state of Tennessee,” said Director of Schools Bill Spurlock, who added, “and now we look forward to her connecting with the community in Christiana and making an impact on the success of that school.”

“I felt honored and humbled by the opportunity to serve the Christiana community,” Nix said, “and I am excited to have a chance to work with all the students, faculty and staff and community members.”

She added, “I would really love to bring a strong community feel and a lot of school spirit along with academic rigor. I really want to focus on the community and academic growth.

Nix is an experienced leader who combines structure with a creative approach to classroom instruction.

Prior to becoming an assistant principal at LaVergne High, in August 2016, Nix taught U.S. history and sociology at the school for seven years. She previously taught sixth grade social studies and seventh grade gifted social studies at Snellville (Georgia) Middle School.

“Middle school is where my heart’s at,” Nix said. “I love high school and everything about it, but there’s something about middle school — you get to see the kids at a special time in their lives.”

After earning a Bachelor of Arts in history with a secondary education certificate from State University of New York at Geneseo (2004), Nix earned a Master of Education from the University of Georgia (2005).

She has since earned an Educational Specialist degree from Lipscomb University (2016) and a Doctor of Education from the University of the Cumberlands this year.

“She’s high energy every day,” said Spurlock, who admired her ability to communicate and engage the LaVergne community through social media. “That’s a great characteristic.”

Nix has recorded her Daily Check-In video updates five days a week for the past 18 weeks since schools closed back in-March.

She’s used the opportunity to provide the Wolverine community with important updates students had become accustomed to receiving during morning announcements as well as birthday announcements and fun shout-outs to students and faculty.

Nix had continued the video updates throughout the summer.

“We (had) to find a way to be able to live in this and if we’re going to use technology and use the Internet to connect with our students and with our communities, then I think this was just a good way to get my feet wet,” said Nix, who now plans to transition her Daily Check-In to her new school as she begins introducing herself to students, faculty, staff and the community alike.

“They want to be engaged. I know that just from being a parent myself. I am so excited to work with a community that wants to be involved. I had that at LaVergne and it’s hard to leave LaVergne, but what makes it easier is knowing I am going into a place where I will be part of a family.”

“We look forward to Dr. Nix connecting with a community that has a tradition of supporting their school,” Spurlock concluded.

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