Domenico's Italian Deli Murfreesboro

A new Italian Deli is opening next week in Murfreesboro, featuring sandwiches, pasta and soups.

Jeff Murphy came to Murfreesboro in 2010 from Alameda, California on a football scholarship to Middle Tennessee State University to get a degree in Entrepreneurship. After graduation, his original plan was to go back home and join the family business, Domenico’s Italian Deli. Instead, he fell in love with Scarlet Lanning and Murfreesboro. He stayed, deciding to bring Domenico’s to Murfreesboro.

Flash forward, Jeff and Scarlet are now bringing a version of the deli that Murphy’s grandparents started in 1982 to Murfreesboro in a location on Murfreesboro City Square. Domenico’s is having a grand opening and ribbon cutting on Monday, January 27, 2020.

“We had been thinking about it for several years,” said Murphy, “but we started plans in November. We knew we wanted to be on the square, and then this space became available. Everything just started working out.”

The real story of Domenico’s goes back to the mid-1950s when Letizia Sacco, Murphy’s grandmother, met Dominic “Domenico” Cucchiara, his grandfather, and they married shortly thereafter. In 1966, the couple opened P&G Italian Deli on Park Street in Alameda, California. Selling the business in 1979, they “retired,” only to open a new deli on the other side of town in 1982. “La famiglia” still owns and runs the business today. Murphy has brought a little of his family history to Murfreesboro.

“We’ll make many of the same things,” said Murphy, “but we will modify some of them to fit local tastes. You’ll still get plenty of the flavors of a traditional Italian deli.”

Murphy will start with about 12 signature sandwiches, and you will also be able to create your own combinations. He suggests the baked turkey with avocado. Or to go for the very traditional salami and cheese. All sandwiches will have the choice of breads, including white and wheat rolls, light rye, sourdough, and sliced white bread.

Potato salad, pasta salad, and macaroni are a few of the sides that will be offered, along with various chips options. Secret family recipes will be used to create the minestrone, and Italian bean and sausage soups, as well as the cannoli they will have for one of their desserts.

Family is important to Murphy. Since marrying Scarlet, he has worked for her parents, Gina and Mike Lanning, in their business, Rick’s Barbecue. They are also the parents of two young boys. He sees opening the deli as a chance to share with his kids a little of his family’s history.

As he prepares for the grand opening and ribbon cutting of Domenico’s Italian Deli on Monday, January 27, 2020, Murphy thinks of the advice his grandfather shared with him long ago, “Work hard, treat people the right way, and you will be successful.”

Domenico’s Italian Deli
106 South Maple Street
Murfreesboro, TN
(615) 624-7474
Hours: Monday through Saturday, 10:30 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. BEGINNING January 27, 2020