Dolly Joins Rory Feek on “One Angel”


Dolly Parton joins Rory Feek on a rendition of “One Angel”, a tribute to his late wife Joey Feek.

Feek released the song earlier as a solo but Dolly has joined him in this new recording. On his blog, he explains the special meaning of having the iconic country star record the song with him.

He stated, “Joey grew up idolizing Dolly. Her very first performance at Cunningham Elementary School back home in Indiana was Coat Of Many Colors. She wanted to be Dolly… To be LIKE Dolly. And so after high school, Joey packed her things in a horse trailer and moved to Nashville to make her mark in country music the way Dolly did.”

Feek went on to say that Joey never got the opportunity to meet Dolly in person but she did send Joey a video message just before her passing.

Five years later, Feek recorded the song, and his friend Ben Isaacs shared the song with Dolly. Feek went on to say, “And Dolly replies that she doesn’t just want to sing harmony… She wants to sing a verse; the email back says. …and maybe add a few things, if that’s okay. And she did. The voice of an angel, sang for an angel. Something neither Joey nor I could’ve ever, ever imagined actually happening. Thank you, Dolly. And Ben. God is so good. Even when things go bad.”

Rory Feek’s new album Gentle Man is available for pre-order on his website here. 

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