Detectives Need Help Identifying Persons of Interest in ‘Rewards Card’ Scam

Rewards Card Scam
photo from Murfreesboro Police Department

Detectives need help identifying two men who are persons of interest in a fraudulent ‘rewards card’ scam investigation.

The unknown individuals placed two countertop kitchen appliances in their cart and proceeded to a check-out line at the Memorial Blvd. Walmart on Aug. 22. After the cashier scanned the items, one of the males produced a card that he stated was a “rewards card”. It contained printed instructions to the cashier on how to “process” the transaction. The cashier followed the directions on the card which then appeared to have been a successful transaction due to the register opening as it would with any other successful transaction.

The second male then selected two Walmart gift cards and asked for $500 on both cards using the same “rewards card” to pay for them. It was later determined this was a scam and these two are alleged to have hit multiple Walmart locations along the East Coast.

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