Deceased Individual Identified in Smyrna Police Involved Shooting


On June 28th, 2019 at approximately 7:58pm officers from the Smyrna Police Department responded to 115 Chestnut Street here in Smyrna for a reported domestic situation.

Dispatch had received a call that the resident, William Lamb, had shot at his wife twice. Upon their arrival Officer Kevin Byers and Officer Robert Cash entered the home. Officer Byers made contact with Mr. Lamb in the hallway of the home.

Officer Byers identified himself as Smyrna Police, and repeatedly yelled for Mr. Lamb to drop his weapon. Mr. Lamb shot at Officer Byers, missing Officer Byers by approximately a foot. Officer Byers returned fire striking Mr. Lamb 3 times.

Officers immediately began to render first aid to Mr. Lamb. Mr. Lamb was transported to Stonecrest Medical Center where he was later pronounced deceased. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation was notified and they began an investigation. On July 3rd, 2019 District Attorney Jennings Jones contacted the Smyrna

Police Department verbally and officially cleared Officer Byers of any criminal wrongdoing. The Smyrna Police Department has cleared Officer Byers and Officer Cash of any violation of policy.