DEADLINE ALERT: Distance-Learning / Traditional School


Thank you for an overall successful two plus weeks in Rutherford County.  While beginning school during a pandemic and offering a new model of instruction has had its challenges, we are committed to continually improving each and every day for our students, parents, teachers, and community. While we understand that the majority of students and parents have developed a new routine in their current method of attending school and are becoming more successful each day, we also realize that a change may be needed in a few situations.

If you have an urgent need, the deadline to request a change from traditional to distance learning or distance learning to traditional will be Thursday, September 3rd.  This will allow the schools and teachers an opportunity to truly focus on students attending school in each manner. 

If a change is not needed, no action is required. 

We realize the education of your child is one of the most important areas of a child and family’s life and that there is not a perfect choice for how your child will receive his/her education.  Please know we are committed to ensuring that the education they receive is of the highest quality regardless of how they attend school with us in RCS.