Custom Pool Design Includes More than Just Your Pool ~ Everything You Need for a Backyard Oasis


For epic outdoor living, your custom pool design is just the beginning. Your backyard should be a special oasis and retreat away from the world. For a luxury pool construction company like Peek Pools and Spas, the entire outdoor living space is a blank slate waiting for inspiration. Taking into account your lifestyle and how you like to enjoy your time outdoors, Peek Pools can help you design all the components of an extraordinary outdoor space

Explore all the ingredients for a backyard oasis – beyond the actual pool! – to create the best plan for your outdoor project.

Elegant Decks and Patios

custom pool design

Designing the area around your pool is just as important as the pool itself! An elegant deck or patio can provide a stylish and functional space for lounging, dining, and entertaining. Natural stone, travertine, or high-quality composite decking materials offer durability and a sophisticated look. Create multiple levels or zones to define different areas for pool lounging and entertaining. To maximize space, consider ways to incorporate built-in seating, such as benches or lounge chairs.

Outdoor Living Spaces

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For the ultimate outdoor living space for dining and entertaining, consider adding an outdoor kitchen, grilling area, bar, or entertainment zone. Adding these spaces to your backyard design as part of your pool installation helps extend your total living space and makes your pool area more versatile. With proper planning, you can have a fully functional kitchen with storage, appliances, and food preparation and cleanup areas. Additionally, you can create entertainment zones with a fire pit, outdoor fireplace, sound systems, TV, or integrated lounging and dining furniture. 

Functional and Stylish Shade Solutions

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Shade is essential for comfort, especially during hot summer days in your backyard oasis. Stylish options like pergolas, cabanas, and retractable awnings provide shelter and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your pool area. These structures can also define different zones and add a sense of intimacy. Ensure that shade structures are positioned to provide optimal coverage during peak sun hours, and choose materials and colors that complement your overall design scheme. Planning shade structures in advance helps maximize your enjoyment of your new custom pool and outdoor living space design. 

Lighting for Ambiance and Safety

custom pool design

Offset the beauty of the lighting planned in your custom pool design with strategic lighting around your backyard. Lighting is crucial for both ambiance and safety around your luxury pool. Use a combination of underwater lights, pathway lights, and accent lights to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Lighting can highlight key features, ensure safe movement, and extend the usability of your pool area into the evening. In addition, lighting can help create zones for entertaining and relaxation. Consider smart lighting systems for easy control and customization. 

Integrating Natural Features 

custom pool design

Natural rock formations and water features can either seamlessly blend your pool into the surrounding landscape or provide additional visual interest in your backyard landscaping if you prefer a pool design with a more streamlined appearance. However you choose to incorporate natural elements, adding boulders, hardscapes, waterfalls, streams, or fountains creates a private, relaxing retreat in your outdoor living spaces. These features add visual interest and produce soothing sounds that enhance the relaxing ambiance. Strategically blend lighting into these natural features for an extraordinary atmosphere. 

From Custom Pool Design to Planning Your Entire Backyard Oasis, Peek Pools is Best in Class for Luxury Outdoor Living Spaces

Choose a reputable and experienced custom pool builder like Peek Pools and Spas to construct your dream pool and outdoor living space. With a proven track record of delivering unparalleled custom pool projects, you can’t find a better pool builder than Peek Pools in the greater Nashville area. 

With Peek Pools and Spas, you can incorporate truly special details into your pool and outdoor living spaces for an extension of your home that feels like paradise. Whether you’re looking for a natural pool referencing an organic landscape or a formal lap pool, there are no limits to creating your dream outdoor space. 

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