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This article is no longer updated. Data collection is paused as school districts are closed.

The Tennessee Department of Education has launched a COVID-19 Dashboard, which shares information at school and district levels, including numbers of new positive COVID-19 cases in districts and schools.

You can access the information here. Users have two ways to access information:

  • A map view— An interactive map of the state of Tennessee will enable users to hover over their county or region and select their school to reveal more information.
  • And a menu view—A drop-down menu will allow users to quickly select a particular district of interest to reveal more information.

The dashboard will be updated on a weekly basis. Districts are requested to submit data by 5pm CT on Mondays, after which the dashboard will begin to populate the new information each week.

To ensure protections of individual privacy, schools with fewer than 50 students will not be reported in the dashboard. For schools reporting under five positive student or employee COVID-19 cases, the school will be listed without a specific number of cases for the category.

Here’s a look at new cases in Rutherford County Schools (RCS), Murfreesboro City Schools and new cases across the region and state.

Last update: April 22, 2021

* Displays of “NR” signal that there was no reported data from the district for the time period

Rutherford County Schools

# of New Cases This Week
# of New Cases This Week
April 19, 202138<5
April 6, 2021<57
March 22, 20217020
March 11, 2021508
March 3, 202110919
Feb 25, 20211111
Feb 18, 202111234
Feb 11, 202111624
Feb 3, 20219720
Jan 27, 202170<5
Jan 21, 202121723
Jan 13, 20218739
Jan 6, 2021NRNR
Dec 30NRNR
Dec 23NRNR
Dec 1517653
Dec 28151
Nov 2415345
Nov 16670
Nov 10580
Nov 5730
Oct 277824
Oct 202721
Oct 1300
Oct 525<5
Sept 28277
Sept 22146
Sept 15148
Sept 93624

Murfreesboro City Schools

# of New Cases This Week
# of New Cases This Week
April 19, 202100
April 6, 202100
March 22, 202100
March 11, 202100
March 3, 202100
Feb 25, 202100
Feb 18, 202170
Feb 11, 202100
Feb 3, 202100
Jan 27, 202100
Jan 21, 202100
Jan 13, 202100
Jan 6, 202166
Dec 30NRNR
Dec 2300
Dec 1508
Dec 800
Dec 260
Nov 2400
Nov 1670
Nov 1000
Nov 500
Oct 2700
Oct 2000
Oct 1300
Oct 500
Sept 2800
Sept 2200
Sept 15<5<5
Sept 910<5

Mid Cumberland Region

# of New Cases This Week
# of New Cases This Week
April 19, 202116524
April 6, 202115229
March 22, 202113427
March 11, 202116163
March 3, 202124880
Feb 25, 20212429
Feb 18, 2021340105
Feb 11, 2021401111
Feb 3, 2021381117
Jan 27, 2021318108
Jan 21, 2021511152
Jan 13, 2021307242
Jan 6, 2021733
Dec 30NRNR
Dec 23349216
Dec 15752289
Dec 8611297
Dec 2191188
Nov 24702285
Nov 16570189
Nov 10340151
Nov 5287108
Oct 27200103
Oct 2010876
Oct 135417
Oct 820249
Sept 2813345
Sept 2215358
Sept 1511540
Sept 913764

All Regions in Tennessee

# of New Cases This Week
# of New Cases This Week
April 19, 202144266
April 6, 202126670
March 22, 202132589
March 11, 2021375119
March 3, 2021547155
Feb 25, 2021243109
Feb 18, 2021718221
Feb 11, 2021931296
Feb 3, 20211013319
Jan 27, 2021983373
Jan 21, 20211329463
Jan 13, 20211145724
Jan 6, 2021184193
Dec 30NRNR
Dec 23788513
Dec 152273864
Dec 820491013
Dec 2754572
Nov 241,626687
Nov 161,632652
Nov 10952484
Nov 5744358
Oct 27677348
Oct 20442266
Oct 13255179
Oct 8448181
Sept 28414170
Sept 22453202
Sept 15407197
Sept 9476234

Notes on the data from the Tennessee Department of Education: The data presented reflects new positive COVID-19 cases for students and employees at public elementary and secondary schools, including public charter schools, in Tennessee. This data is self-reported by school districts and public charter schools to the Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE) on a weekly basis. TDOE cannot verify and makes no representations regarding the accuracy of the data presented. This data is provisional and subject to change. This data may be different than information reported by a school, district, or other entity due to timing of reporting or other factors. In addition, this data may be different than county-level information reported by the Tennessee Department of Health due to timing of reporting, the fact that positive cases are reported by TDH only after laboratory confirmation, or other factors. School districts and public charter schools are requested to report positive COVID-19 cases to TDOE but are not mandated to do so by law or regulation. COVID-19 case investigations are conducted by local health departments.

To protect individual privacy, schools with fewer than 50 students are not reported in this data. Further, for schools reporting a number that is fewer than five positive student or employee COVID-19 cases, the school will be listed without a specific number of cases for the category. Decisions regarding reporting this data balance transparency, public health and individual privacy and may change as circumstances change.

New cases represent the number of newly reported positive cases on the most recent reporting date. Inactive cases are not reported. Data reported herein does not indicate or imply that a positive COVID-19 case was contracted at the school facility.

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