Country Artist Craig Campbell & Wife Mindy to Open a Coffee Shop


Country artist Craig Campbell wants to alleviate the coffee desert in Eagleville by opening a coffee shop.

Craig, along with his wife Mindy, will open Grindstone Cowboy in Spring 2022.

Campbell and his family live in Eagleville, a small town with a population of around 700. Being a coffee lover, Campbell says you’d have to drive 20 minutes in either direction from Eagleville to find a coffee shop so the two wanted to share their love of coffee with the community and offer a necessity – drive-thru coffee.

They’ve partnered with Frothy Monkey to supply the coffee beans, they’ll even be attending barista school soon so that Craig and Mindy can be hands-on at the coffee shop (meaning, you might stop for a cup of coffee and be served by the country artist).

What can you expect at Grindstone Cowboy? All of your typical coffee drinks, including Craig’s favorites – Cuban and Vanilla Latte. They are also interested in expanding the menu to include coffee cocktails inspired by one of their trips. While Campbell didn’t reveal much about the coffee cocktails he did say he does enjoy a good smoky old fashioned and there could be a smoky coffee cocktail on the menu.

Campbell just released a new song “Never Mine” and says there will be more music to come which could possibly coincide with the opening of the coffee shop. In addition to coffee, Grindstone Cowboy will be a venue, a place for music, a place for coffee cocktails, and a place to connect and gather.

Find the latest updates on Craig Campbell here. For updates about Grindstone Cowboy find them here. 

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