Counterfeit Bills Being Used In Smyrna


Nashville Armory Crime Story Header (1)The Smyrna Police Department has received several complaints from area businesses that have had transactions with criminals using fake/counterfeit money. The counterfeit bills are in $20.00 and $100.00 denominations.What makes these fake bills unique is these bills are legally produced for motion picture use.

Criminals have discovered this and are taking advantage of unsuspecting individuals and businesses. All of these bills are obviously fake …under close inspection with words like “For Motion Picture Use Only” but can be easily missed if you aren’t looking closely.

These incidents are currently under investigation. Under Tennessee State Law, the use of these fake bills constitutes a felony charge of Criminal Simulation. Anyone who observes someone using or attempting to use this fake money is urged to contact the Smyrna Police Department at (615) 459-6644.

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