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Easing Nashville Area Commuter Traffic




Easing Nashville Area Commuter Traffic



Traffic Report Coverage

NMotion Transit Plan

Reducing Traffic Congestion in Nashville: Alternative Approaches

By Jason Zasky Vanderbilt’s Malcolm Getz takes issue with Nashville’s nMotion transit plan, advocates using tolled express lanes to reduce traffic congestion in Middle Tennessee. “Better...

How the Ride Share Commuter Incentive Act Hopes to Alleviate Traffic

Did you know Nashville is the 37th largest Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) in America, but the 11th most congested? Our growing population brings increasing attention...

How Much Do You Spend on Gas Every Month?

From driving to work to chauffering the kids to all their activities, the amount we spend on gas every month can take a chunk...

5 Ways Businesses Can Reduce Commuter Traffic

Middle Tennessee has routinely ranked among the 20 worst traffic areas in the country in recent years. The solution is not just one, but will...
Light Rail Concept Art

Rutherford Takes First Steps Towards Mass Transit

Middle Tennesseans on the Move County leaders met in late September to discuss Rutherford's approach at accommodating the future transit needs of an area that ranks...

How HOV Lanes Work and Why You Should Use Them

All across the country to deal with traffic, especially during rush hours, states have carpool lanes. In Tennessee, since 1993, the state version is the...

What Do You Think Causes Traffic Congestion?

We've all been there - you're trying to get to work in the morning or maybe your child's school and traffic is at a...

The Growing Cost of Traffic:  Lost Time & Productivity

How Our Growing Commute is Costing Us More Than We Realize Sitting in traffic - one of the most hated things by nearly everyone. Although...

Do You Carpool or Rideshare?

Our newest Commuter Traffic poll question is around the idea of carpooling and ridesharing. If more people utilized carpooling/ridesharing, fewer cars would be on the...

City Construction Projects through September 23

Bridge over Broad Street TDOT Project (Est Substantial Completion Dec, 2017)  Expected Lane Closures: Monday through Friday, 8:00 pm to 6:00 am: There will be...