Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Easing Nashville Area Commuter Traffic




Easing Nashville Area Commuter Traffic



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7 Ways the Transit Debate Affects You

Talk about transit is heating up as the population in the 14 counties that make up the Nashville Metropolitan Area (NMA) grows by an...

New Interchange Construction To Close Broad Street For Paving

Construction of a New interchange on SR-1 at SR-10 (Broad St) and SR-96 (Broad & Memorial Bridge Project) Saturday, March 3, 6AM through Monday, March...

Nissan and Hytch Announce Ride Share Incentive Partnership

Tuesday morning at Nissan Headquarters in Franklin, the global car company announced a partnership with ride-share app Hytch. With a new smartphone application, the companies...

Decades and Billions or Now and Nothing—The Two Coming Votes on Traffic

May might seem like a long time from now. Flowers, sunshine and sunbathing. But as the seasons change here in Middle Tennessee, one thing always...

Startup Wins Big at Nashville Tech Council Awards

The Nashville Technology Council (NTC) on Thursday night awarded a local ride-sharing company its 2018 Emerging Company Award. Hytch, a soon-to-launch ride-sharing app created by Williamson...
transit plan

Nashville’s Transit Plan Could Have Bad Effects on Will Co.’s Transit Future

Opposition to the Nashville transit plan is growing. Or at least it is organizing. A PAC NoTax4Tracks PAC today announced their support for an effort...

Group Getting Together to Discuss Alternative Transit Plans

On Saturday, January 27 from 9 to 12 a.m., a group of alternative thinkers are trying to get their voices heard on transit. Hosted by...

City awarded $6 million TDOT grant for new Transit Facility

The City of Murfreesboro has been selected by TDOT to receive a $6 million IMPROVE Act Competitive Transit Capital Grant for final design and...

These Political Leaders Trying to Fix Traffic Have a Plan

he transit debate in Middle Tennessee is hot because very expensive solutions are just about the only proposals being discussed. Faced with the choice...

Road Projects Jan 8 through Jan 13

Bridge over Broad Street TDOT Project (Est Substantial Completion December 2017) Expected Lane Closures: Monday through Friday, Traffic has been shifted onto the new bridge...