Dear Colin Cowherd : What Did MTSU Ever Do To You?


Dear Colin Cowherd,

When will you learn? I understand, you have a show that allows you to spew your opinion on that other network for sports. First off, I was surprised anyone was listening. Secondly, what would possibly allow you in that small mind of yours to think bashing MTSU would be prudent ?

In case you missed it , this morning’s topic was on colleges and cost of attendance. A caller named “Scott” called in and tried to make an intelligent argument. Apparently Colin Cowherd could not do the same as he went off on a rant that called MTSU:

  • A trucking School
  • A School NOBODY cared about
  • “No one would care if they fell off the face of the earth tomorrow , not the students, the football team. “
  • MTSU should not have a football team because of who they play.
  • No one cares about if Middle Tennessee State or small colleges even have athletic programs.

No response has come from FOX Sports on the rant. Cowherd left ESPN after insulting the Dominican nation on that network’s station.

MTSU Student body has taken to Twitter , with support of their school and derision of Cowherd. Our favorite of the day :


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