Coach Stockstill Releases 2 Players After Alleged Animal Cruelty


As reported earlier this week, 2 MTSU football players were suspended from the football team for alleged animal cruelty reports , due to a video they put up on social media, The players said they were disciplining the dog for peeing on the floor. After further review Coach Stockstill released a statement a day before the Blue White Spring Game:

“When confronted with situations of inappropriate conduct, it is easy for a coach to simply dismiss players in trouble without taking time to study the situation. I feel it is important to consider the facts carefully, and seek input from others with information and expertise, before reaching a decision.

“After reviewing the matter further, and speaking with authorities with the appropriate expertise, I have decided to dismiss Justin Akins and Shalom Alvarez from our football team. Their actions were in violation of the values and standards of our program.

“I appreciate the work by the Rutherford County Pet Adoption and Welfare Services and Murfreesboro Police Department. Their expertise was invaluable in this process and will help educate our players.”Read More