Clearing The “Fog” On Custom Cabinets


The term “custom cabinet” is thrown around loosely and there is much confusion and misconception as to what it means. There are some who erroneously think that custom cabinets must be built in a local shop within a certain mile radius of your home. They also believe that any cabinet built in a factory cannot be custom. Allow me to clear the air.

What Makes a Cabinet “Custom?”

Regardless of where cabinetry is built, any cabinetry that is built to custom fit your job site or home is a custom cabinet. In other words, custom cabinets are made to order – not sitting in a box on a shelf ready for you to take home and install.

Some believe that only stock cabinets (limited to sizes such as 12”, 15”, 18” etc.) are built in large factories.  This is true of some factories that specialize in stock cabinetry, but not of custom factories specializing in high-quality custom-built cabinets.

Quality In Custom Cabinetry

Now that I have clarified what the term “custom cabinetry” means, let’s talk about the most important issue regarding cabinets – quality. Just because a cabinet is custom doesn’t necessarily mean it is high quality. Prior to starting a kitchen and bath showroom I built high-end custom homes. Desiring to have a high-quality product I could be proud of, I started out using local custom cabinet shops. It’s all I knew, and I believed that by doing this I would get a quality product. Over the years I realized that the product I was offering did not meet my expectations of quality. The finish on the cabinets was chipping within a few years of installation. Why? Let’s consider this…

If you were going to buy a Mercedes automobile, would you want to buy it from a highly engineered factory with stringent quality control guidelines or would you want it built in a local garage? Can you imagine your brand-new Mercedes in a paint booth with a painter spraying on the finish? How long would it hold up to the weather and elements? Not long. It’s the same concept with custom cabinetry. In a local custom shop, there is a limit to what can be spent on fabricating materials and finish systems. So many local custom-built cabinets can have their finish start deteriorating (chipping and chinking) within a few years. Seldom do you see a local custom shop offer more than a five-year warranty. Due to their higher volume, an engineered custom factory can afford multi-million-dollar paint systems that offer near flawless finishes with lifetime warranties.

Our cabinet fabricators apply a catalyzed finish to their cabinets (similar to the paint on your car) that hardens over a short time, creating a finish that will hold up for a lifetime unless subjected to harsh abuse. Considering the investment made for custom cabinets, doesn’t it make sense to purchase something that will stand the test of time?

That’s what our cabinet lines offer! Quality, custom, factory-built cabinets with a lifetime warranty on both construction and finish. Before you invest in custom cabinets, be sure they are guaranteed to last a lifetime. View the latest products available from French’s Cabinet Gallery, LLC. Call now to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced designers: (615) 371-8385.

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