clean eatz

Healthy eating is important to Clean Eatz franchise founders Don and Evonne Varady. They started their business in Wilmington, North Carolina in an old deli. The second Middle Tennessee store has opened in Murfreesboro.

The whole idea is to provide those interested in getting a handle on their diet with balanced, healthy and good tasting foods while providing variety.  Nothing is worse than eating a few foods every day to stay on a diet. Meals are prepared with a balance between protein, carbs, and fats.

Clean Eatz offers foods that work for Keto and celiac diets. Reviews note that many of the dishes will also work for those on a diabetic diet. However, in most of their locations, it is those who are trying to lose weight or are health conscious who are their biggest customers.

At the café, there is a simple but diverse menu that offers something for everyone. It contains burgers, flatbreads, wraps, salads, or build-a-bowl. They have four types of burgers – turkey burger, bison burger, salmon burger, or black bean burger. Philly Flatbread has been a big hit, as has the Watch Your Waist Wrap. 

The wrap is served warmed and slightly crispy. It is a tasty blend of chicken, guacamole, red onion, spinach, mozzarella, and Tzatziki sauce. It, as all entrees, is served with a drink and a side. All drinks are water-based and not sweetened. The “Mojito” has a fresh flavor. And sides include apple slices with peanut butter dip, veggies and ranch dressing, or sweet potato “fries.” Another top wrap is Bang Bang Shrimp.

You can build your own bowl, too. There are three bowl sizes. Each begins with a base of brown rice, quinoa kale blend, sweet potato chunks, or protein noodles made from fish. Next, you choose three veggies from their list, followed by a protein. You can top it off with one of their sauces, including teriyaki, Thai peanut, cilantro lime, buffalo, sweet chili, Grecian, sweet potato chipotle, or fire-roasted salsa. Top it off with a spice.

Just want a snack? Their signature snack is Buffalo Cauliflower 2.0. It is lightly breaded cauliflower tossed in buffalo sauce and served with ranch dressing. They also have smoothies on the menu, including the big favorite –  Dirty Peanut and the Yoyo Berry.

For those interested in their meal plans or grab and go meals, they have a series of meals that the offer which they rotate. Their top four pre-prepared meals are Aloha Barbecue Chicken, The Arnold, Queso Shrimp, and Barbecue Beef Sweet Potato. Meal plans come in 5, 10, 15, and 21 meal options. Each is adaptable to special needs, such as gluten free, low or no carb, or extra protein.

New meal options show up on their website every Thursday, just place an order by Sunday and your food will be ready on Monday.  Sign up for meals hers:

Clean Eatz
2222 Medical Center Parkway, Suite F
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
(615) 203-5096
Hours: Monday through Friday: 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.
Saturday through Sunday: 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.