Big plans this weekend? Hoping to get the lawn mowed? Maybe do a ‘lil cabrewin’ ? Got a hot date planned? Meet Cindy. Cindy is coming here to ruin your weekend plans. So, quit procrastinating about the lawn, you got about 48 hours before Cindy knocks on our door just in time for the weekend.

Tropical Storm Cindy Forms In Gulf

Cindy was upgraded to a Tropical Storm today , with watches and warnings being posted all up and down the Gulf Coast. She is expected to not strengthen much more than the 45 mph sustained winds she is putting out now. However, Cindy is going to be a wildly wet storm. She is expected to make landfall somewhere on the Louisana-Texas border Wednesday.

Courtesy of the Weather Channel

From there expect her to track through Arkansas and West Tennessee. The impact to our area are projected 25 mph sustained winds, and heavy rains. The heaviest part of the storm is the eastern part, which is why a minimum of 3+ inches of rain are expected Thursday evening through early Sunday morning.

With heavy rains this past weekend, expect flooding to be a good possibility.

We will monitor the storm as it approaches and give updates as needed. For up to minute radar .