“A Christmas Carol” at The Center for the Arts carries on Holiday Tradition


Ending The Center for the Arts’ 2017 season is the inspiring holiday masterpiece, A Christmas Carol. Performances begin December 1 and continue through December 17.

Unlike the musical version of A Christmas Carol, this production relies more on the nostalgia of Dickens’ classic version, which is a Christmas ghost story. Robinson, winner of The Center’s Nelda Pope Awardfor her work directing in The Color Purple in 2012, said the show’sstaging will stay true to the author’s original intent, which was staged in1840’s London.

The story is the same; Miser Ebenezer Scrooge, played by George Downer, is awakened on Christmas Eve by spirits who reveal to him his own miserable existence. Scrooge must decide what his own future will hold: Death or redemption.

Audiences will feel like they are being swept through this Christmas ghost story along with Scrooge. “I’m not the Ghost of Christmas Future,” said Renee Robinson, who staged The Center’s hit holiday show It’s a Wonderful Life in 2012. “But, based on box office reports, I can predict this show will have a good run.”

An abbreviated version of A Christmas Carol, directed by Vickie Bailey, is being performed Mondays through Fridays, November 30 – December 15 at 9:30am and 11ameach day for school groups. For information or reservations for school performances, call 615-904-2787 or email [email protected] for pricing and availability.
A Christmas Carol is sponsored byFranklin Synergy Bank.

The restaurant partner for A Christmas Carol is Gondolier. Upon ticket purchase, show patrons will receive a promotional code to receive 10% off when they dine at The Gondolier before or after the show.

For more information, visit boroarts.org

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