Changes to Tennessee’s Move Over law go into effect July 1


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A change to an important Tennessee law is going into effect this weekend before the busy travel holiday.

According to AAA, 37.5 million people will hit the roads for the Fourth of July.

Laurence Cameron puts in more than 500 miles on American interstates and occasionally, he has to stop and check to make sure his rig is running the right way.

“I had to stop and fix the air hose on my truck and cars were just zipping by,” said Cameron.

He travels throughout many different states and is grateful for those making drivers look out for any stopped on the side.

“I understand people are in a rush and people have to get to different places and things of that nature but a few seconds to get over or slow down is a lot better.”

Currently, the law requires drivers to move over when they see emergency lights like red lights on a fire truck, blue lights for a police officer or orange lights on a Tennessee Department of Transportation truck.

Starting on July 1, Tennesseans will have to move over for anyone with their hazard lights on, including drivers like you and me.

Smyrna police Officer Jeff Truong says the laws apply to roads with shoulders not just interstates.

“Move over law applies to anywhere in the state whether it be on a side road or a four lane highway,” he said.

Truong says when people don’t move over it puts a lot of people in danger.

“It keeps the people that are broke down or disabled safe and it keeps the highways from backing up,” he explained.

Officer Truong is all for the changes to an already important law.

“There’s not one right or wrong way of doing it. It is just being aware of everything around him,” said Truong.

Tennessee became the 30th state in the country to adopt a Move Over law several years ago.

The maximum fine for violating the law is $500 or 30 days in jail.

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*Courtesy Of News 2 WKRN-TV Nashville*

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