Cereal is the Main Menu Item at this New Nashville Restaurant


It’s all about cereal at this new spot that opened in Nashville.

Wanna Spoon is a cereal cafe featuring 20 of your favorite breakfast cereals from cheerios to fruity pebbles.

Located at the 12th South neighborhood, the cereal spot is located at 111 Caruthers Avenue.

On the menu, you will find of course cereal with your choice of milk which includes non-dairy options of almond and oat milk and a topping for $5, there is an added cost if you select non-dairy milk.

In addition to cereal, you will find granola bowls, milkshakes, ice cream cones, and coffee.

The coffee menu features a cereal milk latte comprised of cereal milk and espresso.

In talking about the recent opening weekend, Wanna Spoon shared on social media, “We appreciate all of the love and support we received over opening weekend. THANK YOU to everyone who came to check out Wanna Spoon.”

Cereal Cafes have been a trend in the last few years with places to enjoy your favorite childhood bowl of sugary goodness around the country. The closest one to Nashville is Cereal Cinema in Indianapolis where you can spend your time watching a movie while enjoying an all you can eat cereal bar on designated Saturdays. In New York, Milk and Cream Cereal Bar is similar concept to Wanna Spoon where you can select from assortment of cereals and toppings, they also offer ice cream where they will blend your favorite cereal with your ice cream, you can even create your own ice cream cake.

Wanna Spoon is open daily from 9 am – 10 pm. Find the latest updates here.