Celebrate Milestones with Your Dog


You celebrate milestones like half-birthdays, good reports from school or hard work and effort in sports or activities with your children. And while your favorite pup may not be a basketball star like Air Bud, they certainly would love their milestones celebrated.


Who says graduation is just for high school… or just for humans? Celebrate your pupper graduating from obedience school or a certification! After all, it takes a lot of patience, practice and persistence to be trained, whether it’s obedience, good citizenship or something even more specialized. Your dog’s hard work should be celebrated with a fun treat.

Becoming a Dog Sibling

Let’s face it, your dog is part of the family. If that family is expanding, either with another pup or a human sibling, a celebration is in order! Include your pet in the party, whether it’s a baby shower, a gender reveal or welcoming the new puppy or baby home. Let Fido know he’s still important and valued!

Conquering Fears

Some things are scary, even if they don’t make sense to us humans. If your pooch has been working hard to conquer a fear, such as a crate, a car ride, wet grass or anything else scary to them, let them know how proud you are! Special treats are also great incentives as they work through their issues. As always, Three Dog Bakery has got you covered with fresh case treats!

Get Well Soon

When you’ve had a major illness or surgery, it feels great to get balloons, flowers, cards or other tokens of affection that show you are loved, thought about and cared for during your convalescence. Dogs recovering from illness, injury or a procedure also appreciate a token of affection. And if your pup has had to miss play dates or time with friends at the park, it’s hard! A seasonal pastry may be just the thing to perk them up and remind them how special they are.

Other Milestones Worth Celebrating

More milestones to consider include half-birthdays, “gotcha” days, making a new friend, mastering that trick they’ve been working so hard on, or the special occasions like Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day that their human families love to celebrate.

Shop In-Store or Pick Up Curbside

Our Mt. Juliet location has an excellent variety of special treats in the case, including seasonal pastries. And we can customize on the spot! We also have fun chews, treats, toys and other non-food rewards with which to celebrate the milestones in your fur baby’s life. You can shop in store or online, or you can call at 615-701-2128 to talk through your options. Not comfortable coming inside? No problem, we offer curbside pickup as well!

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