Cat Cafe Opening in Murfreesboro This Fall


Do you like cats? Do you like coffee? You’re in luck. Catfeine, a cat cafe, is opening this fall in Murfreesboro.

The business posted on their Facebook page that they have officially signed a lease for a spot in Georgetown Park at 1602 W Northfield Blvd. This has been a dream of Curtis and Taura Byrd for a long time. Several months ago, they began a GoFundMe account to help fund their dream. They raised almost $3,000 and received tons of support from the community on social media. Earlier this week, they posted the following:

“Exactly one year ago we launched our Facebook page and you guys have been with us ever since! Now, one year later…we have finally signed our lease. We never imagined it would take so long, but we also had no idea of the challenges we would face. We are strong believers in “things happen for a reason”, so we know that all the delays and facilities that fell through were just opportunities for us to learn from and to get us to where we needed to be. You all have been so supportive and it means so much to us. We can’t thank you enough for your continued enthusiasm, kind words and encouragement.”

Building layout and design plans have been finalized and the estimated opening date is roughly 6-8 weeks.

catfeine cupWhat is a cat cafe?
It’s a cozy lounge where you can enjoy local roasted coffee and yummy baked goods in the company of adoptable cats from local shelters and rescue organizations. Catfeine acts as a foster home and provides a clean, safe, loving environment for cats looking for their forever home.

Patrons will be a cover charge, which is not yet posted on Catfeine’s site. The cover charge will go towards providing a home, care, food, toys, litter, etc for 10-15 cats at any given time. Spots will also be limited each hour to not overwhelm the cats, and to keep a good cat to human ratio.

Catfeine will also host special events like Cat Yoga, Crafts and Game Nights.

For those wondering if food is prepared and served in the same vicinity as the cats, Catfeine is not preparing or serving food. They will offer for sale a limited menu of pre-packaged goodies made fresh from Olive Branch Bakery. They will also offer a self serve coffee bar that will make your drink at the touch of a button. All drinks taken into the cat lounge will be in a cup with a lid.

Learn more at

Catefeine is currently hiring 4-5 part time employees.

Check back for more information on Catfeine’s opening.

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