Cat Cafe Arriving by Early 2018!


We Want it Meow!

During the week, Cat Cafe made a highly anticipated announcement on their Facebook page about the progress being made towards their opening…

“The waiting is the hardest part! We’re still making great progress on bringing the Cat Cafe to you! All of the boring business stuff is done, but we’re still facing the challenge of finding a location. We have a team of realtors on our side, so we’re hoping to close a deal soon. A lot you want to know when we will be open. Our target timeline is that we’ll all be sipping lattes and snuggling kitties early 2018. Our branding launch will be in the next few weeks and we’re also looking into options for a Pop up Cafe this Fall. We can’t thank you enough for all of the support! We will continue to keep you updated here. Please keep sharing!”

Cat Cafe will consist of three separate areas once opened. You’ll have the coffee shop, where coffee is brewed and no kitties will be allowed. The ‘Cat Lounge’ where you can take your beverage and mingle with cats and other customers as you please. And of course, a cats only retreat, for the little fur babies who have to go handle business. So anyone with concerns about cats and coffee coming together, all health code regulations have been met by Cat Cafe. Making for the purrfect combination!

So before you know it, you’ll be lapping up coffee with the all the other cool cats in the ‘Boro.