Caring For Your Pool In The Winter


So you’ve closed up your pool for the cooler months and now that it’s done, you can forget about your pool until the summer, right?

Not a chance! Your pool needs some TLC over the winter to keep fresh and ready when summer rolls around again. We’ll take a quick look at some tips to care for your pool in the wintertime. 

Keep Your Safety Cover On

This one might sound obvious, but it’s important to keep your cover on to prevent debris from landing in your pool. As part of this process, be sure to check the fitment of your cover to make sure it stays on and keeps clean. 

You’ll want to remove the cover for cleaning on occasion but when you put it back on, make sure the fit is still snug and check for damage on the cover. 

Try Enzyme Chemicals

When you go to check your pool for debris once or twice a month, drop enzyme chemicals in to break up any extra debris. The enzymes will help prevent a water ring and will clear out the non-living contamination that occurs. 

Add Chlorine to Your Pool

We recommend a few things for winter maintenance. In the fall, make sure to add chlorine and algaecide to your pool as part of your winter close. Make sure to keep the chlorine levels reasonable as too much chlorine will damage your paint and will bleach anything that comes in contact with it.

As soon as the water thaws in the spring, pop open a corner of the cover and add liquid chlorine to the pool. This step is important and either you or a professional can help square this away. 

If you find your pool water is green in the spring, add more liquid chlorine, allow your filter to do its work, and monitor the progress. It’s important to take your time here as you may need more chlorine to see the effects. 

Do This To Prevent Freezing

Check all of your pipes and any motors in your system. Drain water from your pump, pool heater, and filter. Be sure to drain the water in your pool below the pool skimmer as ice will cause water to expand. 

Any excess water that freezes in confined spaces can be a serious issue and cause significant damage. If your pipes crack or your pump gets damaged, the cost can be excessive. Water should only be in your pool and that water level should be half a foot lower than normal to make accommodations for expansion during freezing. 

Open Your Pool Early

Warmer temperature means more algae and if you wait too long to reopen, you may have to combat more algae. Early to mid-spring is a better time to get things rolling as the temperatures are still reasonable but out of the freezing zone.

Open early and keep the algae growth to a minimum. You’ll be happy you did. 

With these tips, you should be set up for wintertime success. Keep the enzyme and stable algaecide levels up before you shut down for the icy winters and you’ll be in for a faster start when spring rolls around. And remember, summer may feel like it’s a long way away, but it’ll be here before you know it, and your pool will be ready for summertime fun.

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