Caregivers by WholeCare Launches New App


Caregivers by WholeCare, a non-medical home health company, announces technology solutions to deliver care for Middle Tennessee families. WholeCare launched its new mobile app called WholeCare Connect, a personal support platform that allows real time requests for assistance by family, friends and neighbors. The company also announces it has partnered with Electronic Caregiver™ to offer virtual care technologies through a wearable device. 

“During this tumultuous time when families are safer at home, it can be challenging to care for loved ones who need assistance with daily living,” says Founder & Chief Care Officer, Elizabeth Moss, Caregivers by WholeCare. “This advanced technology fills the gap on caregiving services and extends client independence for much longer to improve overall health and quality of life.”

VIDEO: Morning Source Interviews Elizabeth Moss of Caregivers by WholeCare

The WholeCare Connect mobile app, available for iPhone and Android, helps members manage care among their network of family and friends. WholeCare Connect is a private social media network for members and their trusted support circle. Participants can use it to keep everyone updated on the health status of loved ones, share requests for assistance, and find solutions for things like meal preparation, running errands and even respite care.   

Caregivers by WholeCare is the first home health company in the region to be a master care partner of Electronic Caregiver™ solutions, a monitored technology provider. 

WholeCare offers the following Electronic Caregiver™ services on a subscription basis for clients starting at $49 per month and is covered by most Medicare plans:

  • pocketMD™ includes a water-resistant wrist pendant, 24/7 physician on-demand to assess and respond to common ailments and send a prescription to a pharmacy. This is a critical resource if patients are unable to travel to see a doctor.
  • FamilyCare App sends and receives important notifications and monitors a client’s vitals.
  • Rapid Response Monitoring provides 24/7 protective services with a stay-on-the-line feature during emergencies and certified emergency medical dispatchers.
  • Addison Care voice activated and tablet-based virtual caregiving system that monitors vitals, detects fall risk, provides comprehensive interactive support for rehab, medication management and nutrition support. 

Download the WholeCare Connect app on AppStore and Google Play. The app is free. To learn about Electronic Caregiver™ services, visit or call 615-298-9201.

About Caregivers by WholeCare

Caregivers by WholeCare is a locally founded and operated non-medical home health company in Nashville, Tennessee. WholeCare provides families with a comprehensive continuum of care services including caregiving, transportation and specialty services such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s care for seniors and disabled adults. Visit to learn more or request a consultation.

About Electronic Caregiver™

Electronic Caregiver™, founded in 2009, is one of the fastest-growing monitored technology providers in the U.S. and one of only a handful of nationwide service providers. They have created the world’s first and only, comprehensive voice and visual sensing, 3D, AI-based, interactive residential caregiver. Electronic Caregiver™ currently provides automated home care solutions and safety devices nationwide to thousands of clients and is promoted by leading health organizations nationwide.

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