Café Bustelo Brings Espresso Coffee to Refrigerator Aisle for First Time in 96 Years

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June 10, 2024 – Beginning this June, Café Bustelo fans and iced coffee devotees can indulge in Café Bustelo Espresso Style Iced Coffee Beverages – the brand’s first-ever multi-serve product crafted solely to be enjoyed cold.

Making its long-awaited debut just in time for summer, Café Bustelo is bringing the tradition of their beloved espresso style coffee to the refrigerated aisle. Café Bustelo Espresso Style Iced Coffee is ready to enjoy straight from the fridge, making it easier than ever to sip sabor latino…on ice.

“In recent years, we’ve started to see many of our coffee customers, both young and old, reach more and more for iced coffee – but they still want that iconic flavor of Café Bustelo’s espresso style roasts that they love,” said Eduardo S. Merino, Senior Brand Manager of Café Bustelo.

“This new product intentionally combines our nearly century-long mastery of coffee with a cold and refreshing taste for an iced coffee that is brand-new, but somehow feels completely familiar to our Café Bustelo family ¡Salud!”

The new Espresso Style Iced Coffee collection includes three varieties: Unsweetened, Sweetened and Vanilla – all which feature the robust, full-bodied flavor and captivating aroma of Café Bustelo’s dark roast. The Unsweetened version can be enjoyed as is, straight from the fridge or served over ice with added milk or sugar. For no mess, no prep sipping, the Sweetened iced coffee boasts the delectable flavor of Café Bustelo infused with real sugar for a perfectly balanced sip. Lastly, Vanilla rounds out the lineup as a Target exclusive, an indulgent and invigorating blend, revealing notes of vanilla and cherry that complement the dark roast Coffee.

Born in East Harlem with a history steeped in Latin roots and espresso style roasts, Café Bustelo has become a shared tradition amongst generations of coffee drinkers. This innovative new lineup embraces the beloved, time-honored espresso tradition while offering a new coffee experience that embraces fans who now prefer their brew over ice. Café Bustelo pays homage to its roots with this new ready-to-drink coffee, all the way from the flavor to the product packaging. The bottle’s silhouette is inspired by that of a “Greca” – a nod to the traditional method of brewing Café Bustelo’s ground espresso.

The Espresso Style Iced Coffee lineup comes in standalone 40 fluid ounce bottles. The ready- to-drink iced coffees are now available at Target and will be available at Walmart and Kroger with future restocks. To discover flavor that doesn’t hold back – even ice cold, find Café Bustelo Espresso Style Iced Coffee near you in the refrigerator aisle, using the Café Bustelo product finder:

About Café Bustelo
Our delicious coffee and rich espresso heritage was born in 1928. Since then, we’ve not only been proud of our delicious flavor, but also of our unique and inviting culture. Café Bustelo coffee can be prepared using your preferred method. Available in the forms you want, including K-Cup® pods.

Café Bustelo coffee is available at leading grocery retailers nationwide and online at Visit for more information or follow @CafeBustelo on Instagram, Twitter and @CafeBusteloOfficial on Facebook.

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