burger shack

Burger Shack in Nolensville, located at 7175 Nolensville Road, is closing.

Saturday, May 25th, will be the restaurant’s last day in business, states a Facebook post Burger Shack shared with customers Thursday.

I’m sorry to announce that Burger Shack will be closing the Nolensville location Saturday the 25th at 4pm. We are currently searching for a new location in and around the Nashville area.

When we secure the new location we will post the information on Facebook and the website.

Stay tuned…

Burger Shack offers a menu of burgers in the west coast style with a special sauce. Many customers have compared Burger Shack burgers to those at In-N-Out. Other favorites on the menu included fries and shakes.

For the latest updates, follow their Facebook page.


  1. Why Donna, we want to know why Burger Shack is closing. Is It parking space? Is it competition? Is it the constant construction? Is it millennials choosing healthier alternatives? Is climate change? Nosy neighbors want to know. Btw they are moving to music city, from “the 2019 best place to live in Tennessee” and “the 2019 richest city in Tennessee”. Let’s hope it works. Thanks!

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