Courtesy of City of Murfreesboro

The biggest news for the upcoming quarter is we intend to place east bound traffic for Old Fort Parkway / Memorial Boulevard onto the southern ramps by mid-August. Once you cross over the CSX overpass, the east bound travel lanes will be diverted onto the southwest ramp. By the time a driver reaches the bottom of this ramp, there will be a dedicated left turn lane, a thru lane, and a combination thru or right turn lane. This is the same pattern but on a smaller scale than what is currently in use on Old Fort Parkway. Any thru traffic movements will then cross over Broad Street onto the new southeast ramp and merge back onto Memorial Boulevard just beyond the Rutherford County Maintenance Building. This basic alignment will remain in use until the new overpass is completed.

Westbound traffic will remain on the existing roadway for now. However, it will be shifted away from the current curb line to allow for new construction zones.

trafficIn the meantime, crews for Bell & Associates are working on walls #3 and #4 in the northwest quadrant and walls #6 and #7 in the northeast quadrant of the intersection. Walls #4 and #7 should be complete in the next few weeks. Once these four retaining walls are finished, we can focus on construction of the northern ramps.

The lower end of Broadmor Boulevard adjacent to the Broad Street intersection is open for use to customers of Wilson’s Bank and Hooters. The upper end of Broadmor will remain under construction until further notice.

Additional crews are currently in the process of finishing driveway entrances and sidewalk on the right side of Broad Street and along the radius connecting College and Burton Streets. Please be advised the aforementioned radius has been paved and is open to traffic.

As always, motorists are urged to use caution, reduce speed, and be alert to changing road conditions in the construction zone.

Key Project Events

Portions of Broadmor Blvd. will be closed
until further notice.

Traffic on Broad St. will remain reduced from
7 to 5 lanes from West Main St. to Ridgely

Work on project ramps and retaining walls
will continue.