‘Boro Art Crawl Brings Love For Diverse Art Forms


Dani Californ-Venture will be one of the featured artists showing their work during the Boro Art Crawl on February 10th from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. The Crawl takes place in and around Murfreesboro’s city square, including the upcoming Murfreesboro art area, the Bottoms.

Californ-Venture creates sculptures of life-sized dinosaurs, dragons, and other wild creatures from nature, now and in the past, real and imagined. Previously one of her flying dinosaurs was on display at Cultivate CoWorking, and her work will be at Green Dragon during this next Crawl.

For the last two years, Californ-Venture has been doing paleo-art, and before that she exhibited various bodies of work in New York.

“When a fossil is found, it’s up to the paleo artists to show the world what this extinct creature might have looked like and behaved like,” said Californ-Venture. “I have evidence-based ideas on how they should be depicted that I was compelled to show. I sculpt them in clay and cast them in resin.”

Spears McAllister will be the featured artist in the Murfreesboro City Hall Rotunda during the Crawl. McAllister is a nature photographer from Chattanooga, Tennessee. While most of his photography captures moments in nature all over the United States and beyond, he also does some architectural studies. McAllister will be on site on February 10 at his artist’s reception.

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