Stacy Leadingham

UPDATE 5-13-2020: Stacy Denise Leadingham has been safely located. Thanks, everyone for sharing

Murfreesboro Police are looking for 37-year-old Stacy Leadingham. Leadingham was reported missing after she contacted her mother crying asking her to drive from W. Virginia and pick her up. When the mother arrived, Leadingham could not be found.

She is homeless and may stay near the Journey Home. She is a victim of domestic assault and does not have a working cell phone.

Stacy Denise Leadingham

Race/Sex: White Female
Age of Victim: 37-years old
Height/Weight: 5’6″ Tal/145 lbs.

If you have any information as to the whereabouts of Stacy Leadingham, contact Detective Cody Thomas at (629) 201-5537