Bobo Chinese Restaurant Closes Doors


A Murfreesboro Favorite of Years Past is Gone

The closing of Bobo’s, after 20 plus years, brings an era to an end for Chinese food in Murfreesboro. The restaurant, once considered a hidden gem, has experienced a decline in customers over the past few years. During that time the decline in sales brought new management, but ultimately to no avail.

The reaction online has been mixed in regards to the closure. With some residents reminiscing on fond moments spent at the restaurant to complaints of recent visits, siting poor quality of food and a dirty environment.

Comments via Facebook. . .

“I hate to hear that because that place was an institution in Murfreesboro for years. To be honest, the last time I went there, the quality of the food and service was a far cry from what it used to be so I can’t say I’m not surprised though.”


We went there a few years ago and the food was awful. I wanted to give it another try but my wife refused. It’s too bad when great places go downhill and close like this.




  1. Bobo’s has been here longer than I remember. I remember seeing it the first time my family came to Murfreesboro in the early 1980’s I was in Honors choir my junior ans senior years of high school, ate there my Jr year and was the first time I had Chinese I fell in love with it. My favorite dish was Moo Goo Gai Pan. Sad to see it go.

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