Patriots Put Out the Blaze


Blackman High School
[mcmBFScore teamID=57 gameDate=09/22/2017]
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#1 Oakland Patriots 4-0 (1-0)

#2 Blackman Blaze 5-0 (2-0)


Patriots Double up on the Blaze

From the opening whistle, both the Pats and Blaze wasted little time getting to business. Each team scoring on their opening drives. 

The game knotted at seven a piece, Blackman once again were driving, looking poised to go up by seven. Those plans were foiled when Blaze QB, Connor Mitchell coughed the ball up on a designed run play. The play resulting in a devastating scoop and score by Oakland junior, Jalen Locklayer. After the splash play by the Oakland D, the Pats were the ones up by seven.

The scoop and score was not the only time Blackman fell victim to the turnover bug on the night. BHS started the second quarter off with a fumble on their subsequent possession inside Oakland’s redzone. Missing out on points once more. 

With the ball back, the Pats were driving yet again. But in a case of true poetic justice, Blackman defensive end, Alec Patton returned the favor. Gathering a Patriot fumble and darting 27 yards for a game tying touchdown. 

After a very long conversation among the head official and his side judges, the game finally got back under way.

The delay appeareded to be in favor of the Blaze. As they were driving with minutes to play in the half, QB Mitchell, showed nifty scrambling ability. Evading tacklers until he spotted Amauri Burks down field. Mitchell, launched a beauty of a pass where only his wide out could make the catch, right in between two defenders.

Now on the goal line, the Blaze were turned away two times in a row. But on his third attempt, Master Teague, punched in the one yard run to take the lead into the half at 21-14. Oakland, finding themselves in unfamiliar territory, trailing for the first at the half all season.

After a somewhat quite first half, Patriot “do it all back,” Jeron Rooks broke off a monster run on the first play of the second half. The run sat a tone for Oakland’s entire team for the rest of the night. Rooks firmly established that tone on the next play. Scoring from 14 yards out on a run to the outside. Drawing the game even once again at 21.

In the third there were a series of three and outs by both offenses. Finally breaking their funk Oakland’s Rooks, got loose to the outside for a big gain. But after the whistle, he stayed on the ground. Sending fear into every Patriot fan’s heart. Moments later, Rooks was right back at on the field. This time finding himself on the receiving end of a four yard pass from quarter back, Brevin Linnell. The Pats, taking their first lead since the first quarter at 28-21.

By the start of the fourth, things were beginning to look bleak for the Blaze faithful. Similar to the third, Oakland started the quarter off with a big run. This time by tail back, Justin Jefferson. Rooks got back in the action later on in the drive with a four yard touch down run. Extending the Patriot lead, and further fanning the Blaze fan base.

In Blackman’s final possessions, QB Mitchell, threw two picks. Both being to junior stand out, Woodi Washington. To put the game on ice, Tim Goodrich reached the end zone on a QB keeper around the left side with minutes to play.

With the 42-21 victory, Oakland moves to 5-0 on the season and gain soul possession of first place in Region 3. Next week the Pats travel to Coffee County.

As for the Blaze, they move to 5-1 and will look to bounce back when they hit the road to take on Warren County.

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