Better Boro All About A Healthier Community


Murfreesboro Mayor Shane McFarland is excited to announce a new website to serve as a community calendar for family-oriented events promoting health and fitness.  Visit the new Better Boro Project website at

“The new website,, will serve as a hub for residents to quickly access programs, community-wide events, and initiatives hosted by a wide range of organizations,” said Mayor Shane McFarland.  “We hope the website helps facilitate the goal of helping to make Murfreesboro an even greater health-minded City.”    

The Better Boro initiative is designed to promote healthy eating, encourage outdoor recreation, and provide unique and accessible wellness activities.

“We all know how important good health and fitness is to overall well-being and longevity” added McFarland. “But healthier residents also make for a healthier community.”

Mayor McFarland continues to endorse programs, events, and activities that engage and educate citizens on practical and effective ways to enhance health and fitness.

In an effort to enhance local wellness opportunities, Mayor McFarland and the Murfreesboro City Parks and Recreation Department announced the Better Boro Project in April 2015 with a free Zumba kickoff event at Cason Trailhead on the Greenway.

Organizations wishing to promote activities and events on the Better Boro website are urged to contact Nate Williams, Murfreesboro Parks and Recreation, at 615-642-1080 or e-mail to learn more about how to meet the criteria for posting on the website.

The City of Murfreesboro is committed to creating and maintaining venues and programs that promote healthy lifestyles for its residents.