Beesley Animal Foundation Planning Pet Food Distribution Event to Help Pet Owners Facing Financial Hardship


Beesley Animal Foundation will host an Outreach Pet Food Distribution on Friday, December, 9th from 10am-noon at the Beesley Animal Foundation. In addition to Beesley’s regular Outreach Program, they will be holding this Pet Food Distribution thanks to a grant from Purple Paws and other individual donations. Beesley’s drive-thru distribution will take place at Beesley Animal Foundation (2215 Keeneland Commercial Blvd, Murfreesboro) on Friday, December 9th, from 10am-noon, to help pet owners facing financial hardship. Beesley’s staff continues to hear from more and more individuals struggling to put food on their plates and food in their pet’s food bowls.

Beesley will be distributing 3-5 pounds of pet food per pet which will hopefully provide some relief for these pet owners at a time when budgets are stressed even further. Volunteers from Central Magnet School have hundreds of pounds of pet food packed for this drive-thru distribution on Friday, December 9th.

Things to know:

  • Outreach Pet Food Distribution is drive-thru at Beesley Animal Foundation (2215 Keeneland Commercial Blvd, Murfreesboro) from 10am-noon on Friday, December 9th while supplies last
  • Beesley Animal Foundation will provide pet food for up to 4 household pets (cats and dogs)
  • Pet Food will be a mixture of wet and dry food
  • When you arrive you will be asked for an ID and a few questions about your pet(s)

While Beesley will do its best to meet all needs, the Outreach Program is funded exclusively by donations and therefore distribution amounts cannot be guaranteed.

About Beesley Animal Foundation

The Beesley Animal Foundation was founded in 1980. Beesley’s Outreach Program started in August 2016. This program is made possible through food donations from community members, local businesses, and animal advocacy groups. Volunteers, primarily middle school and high school students, pack food and sort it for distribution. Seven agencies throughout Rutherford and Cannon Counties receive pet food monthly for their food distribution programs. Since 2016, over 26,000 pounds of pet food has been distributed from Beesley’s Outreach Program throughout Middle Tennessee, primarily in Rutherford and Cannon Counties.

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