Barkuterie Boards for Your Best Buddy


At Three Dog Bakery, we think every day is a good day to treat your best buddy. If you want to take your treat game up a notch, we’ve got the perfect solution. Try throwing together a “barkuterie” board! No need to just choose one treat for your pooch and their pals. With your own one-of-a-kind board, let your pup enjoy some variety –– perfect for sharing, too.

What Kind of Celebrations?

What to celebrate with a barkuterie board?

  • Birthday
  • Gotcha day
  • National Dog Day
  • Bark Mitzvah
  • End of life celebratory send-off
  • Summer party
  • New sibling (animal or human)
  • Every holiday humans celebrate

Barkuterie Board Ideas

Sweet and savory, chewy and crunchy… a doggo-only charcuterie board is every canine’s dream! “Fig newton” style soft baked apple and cheddar double rewards are a two-in-one flavor explosion. Peanut butter rollovers dipped in both carob (a chocolate-like treat safe for dogs) and yogurt, crunchy bacon and cheese biscuits, delectable pancake wafers with maple and bacon are just a few favorite treats.

Let your pup share with friends, or dole out treats slowly over a few days. (Or, hey, let them go nuts…we don’t judge!)

It’s a shame dogs can’t read, because one of our favorite go-to’s is a super-cute personalized Great Big Bone (peanut butter flavor). Fortunately, they taste as amazing as they look, so your pupper won’t mind too much about the not reading thing. We also love to add to the mix some incredible puppy butters, peanut butter crème-filled sandwich cookies.

Call to Order

You can call us to order a birthday cake or for more treat recommendations at 615-701-2128.

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