Backyard Pool or Backyard Oasis?


A backyard pool is great for cooling off on a hot summer day. But what makes the space a backyard oasis? How do you go from merely not being hot to not wanting to go inside because outside is just so fantastic? There are many options for transforming an ordinary pool into a dream oasis. Peek Pools walks you through a few key components.


The pool is, at the end of the day, the container for water and fun. What turns it into a lush oasis, no matter your style or size of yard or pool, is the landscaping that surrounds it. You can have an intentionally overgrown look to bring in nature, wildness and fun. You can use crisp, clean lines with box hedges and straight paving stones for a contemporary, ultra-modern feel. Or you can work with our experts to design the perfect feel for your oasis.

Pool Shape

While there is nothing wrong with a rectangular pool, the shape of your swimming pool or spa is limited only by your imagination. Bump up the wow factor for your backyard oasis by getting creative in celebrating your personality and property. Have a spectacular view? Try a vanishing edge pool with an unobstructed sightline. Let go of what you think a pool has to be and open your mind to what it could be.

Outdoor Living

Your pool is simply one aspect of the ideal backyard oasis. In fact, many patios become gathering spaces that can be used all year long. Middle Tennessee is the perfect place for extended season usage. From lounge areas to outdoor kitchens, from bars to living rooms with big screen televisions, from water features to fire features, your oasis is more than just a pool.

How Many Contractors to Create My Oasis?

By now, an oasis, not just a pool, should sound pretty exciting! If you’re concerned about the burden of acting as a general contractor and coordinating the landscape architect, ground crew, pool crew, concrete workers and kitchen designers… don’t worry. Did you know the experts at Peek Pools do much more than just swimming pools? This skilled team behind award-winning designs can create and coordinate every aspect of your backyard dream oasis. When you’re ready to start, call Peek Pools at 615-866-8800 and turn your vision into reality.

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