Artist Spotlight: Boro Art Crawl


The Boro Art Crawl showcased unique artist covering paint, poetry, music, 3-d design, and more. We had the chance to catch up with some of the artists to find out where their creativity comes from. Check them out!


IMG_4986Jacob Hendley: Guitarist 

Jacob is currently a Graduate student at MTSU.It is his first time participating in the Boro Art Crawl and he soothed crawlers by playing South American classical music. His top inspiration comes from the artist Agustín Barrios.


IMG_4993Paula Francis: Painter

It was her first time to be in the Boro Art Crawl but has been in other art crawls such as Franklin and Nashville`s. She usually sells her art work to designers and is curently a teacher at the Plaza in Nashville. She opened the Rockville Art Gallery which was later re-named as the Art Barn. Her favorite art is acrylic and mixed media and for the piece shown of the flowersIMG_4987, her inspiration came from adult coloring books. She says, “If you plan to become a successful artist you must never stop learning. Retake classes and make sure to network yourself.”


IMG_5023AJ Devlin: Painter

AJ has painted for over twenty years and has been in the art crawl three times now. She loves to paint with oil but likes acrylic as well. Her inspiration comes from Native American culture and says most of the time she googles pictures on her computer and brings them to life. She likes to add more color and depth to her pictures then what you may see on the internet. AJ say`s that painting is something that is very soothing and rewarding to her. She loves to attend the art crawls because she is proud of her work and wants to show it off. She will be attending the next crawl as well so make sure to check her out!

Michelle Sweatt: Muralist/Painter

If you have been to Mayday Brewery before I am sure you saw this mural as you walked in. Here is the artist who painted it! When Michelle first started hanging around Mayday she wanted to help make sure the theme for artists at the stop stay the same. She has been helping volunteer to recruit artists for the art crawl. She hopes to continue to be apart of the art crawl and share her artwork with others along the way.

IMG_5050Jeffery Russo: Painter, 3-D Design

This groovy wagon is a piece of personal art that Jeffery wanted to show off at the art crawl. He began painting the car when he lost a hubcap, decided to paint a flower on it, and the journey never stopped. The whole car took him about one year.

Jeffery began painting at a young age with IMG_5051chalk and pastels. He eventually started to use spray paint then stencil as well. From then on he felt as though he can just see a final product and begin to create. A lot of Jeffery`s artwork was sold during the crawl which make have been due to his responsible prices. He says, “Remove the aspect of trying to make a living and do what you love, love what you do. Remember your an artist and remember it`s your emotion and expression”.



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