Art in Smyrna’s Depot District


If you’ve driven through the Depot District lately, you’ve surely noticed some activity taking place along the Depot Building and round-about.

Recently, four pieces of metal sculpture were installed in the area. Below is a description of the four pieces, provided by the Arts Commission. Please bear in mind that the installation process is not complete at this time. Click on images for larger views

Michael Baggarly, sculpting professor at MTSU created the art pieces from his interpretation of what stood out to him when he thought of Smyrna.

The overall vision of the four pieces are the aerial views of specific pivotal sections of the Town:

The Nissan area
The Historic Train Depot District
The Smyrna Library area

Downtown Sculpture_06      Downtown Sculpture_11smyrna-art

The concrete “sidewalk” areas are representative of the airport runways and are exactly on the longitude and latitude as seen from the air with the columns lining up as close as possible with the same.

The columns are illuminated from the inside with light spilling out into the area in the surrounding area of the roundabout at night and the sun shining through the main sculpture in the daytime.

The sculpture artist wanted to represent Smyrna Past and Present with the areas that were chosen and the Future with the type of materials and the styling of the metal that was created. The color of the metals and concrete were chosen to accent and fit into the color scheme of the historic district.

There will be panels that explain the areas in detail over by the Depot when they are completed. Then people can go by and locate their special landmarks and places on the sculptures.

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