While Arnold Spends , County Commission Works


A Channel 4 I-team investigation that ran Thursday evening finds federally accused Rutherford County Sheriff Robert Arnold at a convention at the White House. Meanwhile, the county commission struggled with whether to fund new deputies and correction officers in last night’s meetings.

Arnold Does D.C.

Rutherford County Sheriff Robert Arnold is facing 13 federal charges. But, that didn’t stop him from attending a 21st Century Policing Conference at the White House yesterday. A WSMV Channel 4 investigation reveals that Arnold apparently got permission from his Federal Probation officer to attend the  conference where Arnold was taking pictures and videos inside the White House, and wining and dining on Rutherford County taxpayers money. This is his second trip in the last 60 days for conferences, with another planned for Orlando later this month. See the full report here.

Meanwhile, County Commissioners Do What’s Best For County

While Arnold was on his DC trip, county commissioners faced the decision of whether to approve $1.2 million for additional deputies and correction officers. The debate was quite heated. At issue wasn’t whether there was a need for additional deputies, but, whether Sheriff Arnold should be allowed to handle the money. I final vote of 12-9 approved enough money for 7 new patrol deputies and 12 new correction deputies.

The majority of those that voted no, would have voted yes had the Sheriff recused himself from handling the funds. Those that voted yes seemed to do so reluctantly because of their distrust of the Sheriff. However, in the end there is a need for more patrol officers in a ever growing county, and the woes of the corrections department are well documented. In the end, the commissioners did what was best for public safety.