Armed Robbery Suspects Steal Alfa Romeo and Purse


Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office

Two men were accused of firing a handgun near a woman and stealing her Alfa Romeo and purse about 1:30 p.m. Wednesday at Dollar General near Christiana, a Rutherford County Sheriff’s detective said.

alfa romeoThe suspects were outside when the woman left, said Detective Jamin Humphress.

They approached her and demanded her keys but she refused, he said.

“They pulled a gun and fired in the air,” Humphress said. “She gave them the keys and purse that was attached to the keys.”

The suspects drove toward Murfreesboro in the SUV with a Tennessee license plate number of 5N92D9.

If you spot the car, please call the Sheriff’s Office immediately at 615-898-7770.

People who have information about the suspects are asked to call Detective Jamin Humphress at 615-904-3054.


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