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Pool covers. They’re everywhere and we might not think about them much, but there’s a bit that goes into picking the right one. They play an important role in regulating temperature and keeping your pool debris free during the off-season. 

Let’s dive in and explore more on the importance of pool covers. 

Energy Saving

Heating your pool frequently can be pricey. Pool covers will help retain heat and reduce the need to reheat in between sessions. If you opt for a solar cover, you’ll be able to collect the sun’s heat and warm your pool naturally, further reducing the cost of heating your pool. 

Keeps Your Pool Clean

Twigs, bugs, leaves, you name it and you’ll probably find it in your pool at some point. Pool covers are an obvious solution and help reduce the debris that collects. Less debris collecting means less potential damage to your pool and less cleaning when you’re ready to jump in again. 

Reduces Evaporation

This might not be an obvious one, but evaporation leads to a lot of water loss. By using a pool cover, you’ll reduce evaporation, and save on the cost of refilling your pool due to water loss. 

What To Consider In Your Next Pool Cover


It’s important that your pool cover fits right in order to be effective. You’ll need to measure the right parts of your pool to ensure fit and account for an overlap of around 3 inches beyond the edge of your pool.


If your pool is a standard shape and size, you should be able to find pool covers in store. If your pool is rectangular or kidney-shaped, you should be able to find a cover that’ll fit without much effort. If your pool is custom and features unique shapes and sides, you may need to look for a customer pool cover option. 


Pool covers are offered in three standard materials.

Solid Safety Covers

These covers are your safest bet to protect family, pets and enjoy the benefits of a pool cover. Made from vinyl or laminated polyester, they block 100% of UV rays and offer efficiency when opening your pool up again in the spring. 

They’re solid, and heavy which makes them more difficult to re-install, remove and store. They also don’t last as long as mesh safety covers, but if you have young children running around, this cover offers peace of mind that they’ll stay safe. 

Mesh Safety Covers

These are common in the pool cover world and are the typical material for most standard pool covers. They’re lightweight and offer sunlight reduction up to 95%. They’re also great for keeping debris out of your pool and reducing algae growth. 

During the winter months, mesh safety covers will allow snow and ice to melt through into your pool, so if you decide on mesh, keep tabs on your water levels throughout the winter. 

Heavy Duty Mesh Safety Covers

As the name implies, these are heavier-duty versions of standard-issue mesh safety covers and offer more protection against UV sunlight. With only 1% of light allowed in, algae growth is reduced further and your pool will remain protected against large falling debris and tree branches. This cover also provides increased safety for children and pets. 

Pool covers are a vital part of your off-season and provide many benefits for those looking to make the most of their pool during the summer months. When deciding on a pool cover, think about your use case and how each cover provides protection during the winter and beyond. Whether you’re looking to save money on your energy bill or reduce your spring opening, each pool cover has its pros and cons.  

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