Accuracy Alert: False Claims of a Child Found in Murfreesboro

Murfreesboro Police

The Murfreesboro Police Department cannot determine the origin of a social media post about a two-year-old boy found in Murfreesboro. The police say they have not received any reports that fit the circumstances contained in the post.

If you know the person who originated the post, please notify police.

The post claims, “This little boy, approximately 2 years old, was found in #murfreesboro 1 hour ago. Officers have the child safe at the Police Station but we have no idea where he lives. No one has called looking for him. Please Bump this post.” THIS IS NOT TRUE.

Police asks that you do not share this post. If you have already shared, please delete the post.

“If this were true, the police department would have already notified the public. The safety and security of our residents are always of the utmost importance,” the department said.

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