8 Essentials for Your Family Room


Besides the kitchen, the family room is a place where the family gathers to watch a movie or a football game. Carpet One shares these eight essentials to make the most of your family room from seating to carpet and much more.

1. Plenty of Seating

Make sure there are enough comfortable seats for everyone in the family plus a few guests. If you don’t have a lot of space, try a sectional or keep some comfy floor pillows on hand so you can always welcome everyone in.

2. A Warm Glow

There’s nothing like gathering around the glow of a fire on a cool evening. Whether you already have a traditional wood burning fireplace or you opt for an electric or gas burning model, its always a nice touch.

3. Table Tops

A large coffee table is a must for family games. Keep the accessories light and easy to move so you can quickly clear space for a family gathering.

4. Soft Underfoot

Soft carpet or a soft area rug are a must have for a family room. When you’re ready to relax your toes will want a soft place to land. And a soft floor is more inviting for kids (and adults) who may want to sit on the floor.

5. Color

Pick a color that makes the entire family feel at ease – like this year’s trendy indigo blue. Think about how you want to feel in the space. Blues and greens can be relaxing but yellows and oranges can be fun and energizing.

6. Storage

Make sure there’s a place in your room to stash all the family activities – games, DVDs, books and magazines – so they’re out of sight when you’re not using them but readily available when it’s time to relax. Built in cabinets or tables with drawers are great options.

7. Out of Reach

Especially if you have little ones, keep breakable accessories out of reach. That doesn’t mean they need to be out of sight, though. Choose high shelves to display any breakable accents.

8. Plan for the TV

Instead of avoiding it or pretending it won’t be a part of your space, go ahead and plan a place for the television. A custom built in shelf or a piece of furniture specifically designed to hold a TV will help keep it from being an eye sore.

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